How is plastic made? Step by step

How is plastic made? Step by step.

Plastic Manufacturing

How plastic is made step by step

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                    Today we live in a world where we can see plastic all around.Plastic is a very important part of our life ,even when you reading this article you are using a device which is made mostly out of plastic so,it is a obvious question that How is plastic made? Hence we are here to explain you How is plastic made? step by step in very-very easy language so you can increase your knowledge.

What is plastic ?

First of all you must know that Plastic is a polymer which is the product of petroleum(crude oil).Actually most of plastic is made from different petroleum products.

How plastic is made ?

There are several steps involved in it are as follows :-

1.First of all crude oil(Petroleum) is Pumped out from underneath sedimentary rocks from a petroleum mines (bore wells).

How plastic is made

2.This is crude oil is send to oil refinery for fractional distillation.In Fractional distillation crude oil is heated in fractionating column at different temperatures for different products.

3.From distillation we get our main product "naptha" which is the main product of petroleum used for plastic production.

Naptha is actually a very-very complex hydrocarbon contain very complex chain 
structure of carbon.
Sometimes natha is also made from Natural-gas condensates,coal tar but they are not economical.

4.Naptha is sent to  naptha cracking center
Where it is broken from complex to simple form.For this it has passed from many stages such as-thermal cracking, Quenching, compression, refining,etc.

5.From naptha cracking we get different types of gases in very high volume.
Such as- ethylene, butadiene, propene,etc.

6.As per type of plastic we want,we do reaction of selected gases with different chemicals to get desired gas.
Such as- Vinayl-chloride.

7.We send the gas(as per point6.) to polymerization chamber for polymerization process.In polymerization process single molecules of gases combines together form polymer.

Thus polymers are  produced by polymerization process.

8.The produced polymer is actually called plastic as we discussed above.

Thus in this way plastic is made.


This is the complete step by step procedure of plastic manufacturing or How plastic is made. 

                Thanks for reading the article.

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